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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2017 Q1General Discussion


Bubba. The damage is done. Too many shareholders defended or even praised these jokers while they were robbing us blind. Nothing to do but try to salvage any remaining value and move on.


Yes, it’s too late for the past, but that’s why I was always lobbying for publication of the agreements. I’m talking about prospectively. Have we not learned our lesson? We need this stuff so we can hold EVERYBODY accountable. There is NO excuse at this point for management not to provide us with this information. It is no longer a secret that Auryn is trying to get their hands (or already has) on every last piece of land around there that has a chance of mineralization. No more excuses.


And slots…


Amazing all the outrage!

I think we all know the answer to that. It was stated all previous agreements were voided with the successful completion of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and signing of the “purchase agreement” for Medinah’s mining concessions. It was a lingering question, but has been conclusively answered. However, I do get where you are coming from, in that much information openly available has been removed. We still have this forum and the discussions that are meant to inform shareholders and civilly share ideas.

The missing piece of the puzzle actually surrounds the Okanadian investment agreement signed January 1, 2016. Medinah apparently agreed (on paper, anyway) to issue 100,000,000 million of Medinah’s Class C, Redeemable, Convertible Non-Voting Preferred shares to Okanadian in exchange for 100,000 Canadian Dollars. A lawsuit to enforce this agreement was filed 2/16/2016. This was the start of a cascading number of events plaguing the company and continuing to the detriment of shareholders, IMO. This was the action that forced the unfolding of many events that followed, much to the dismay of shareholders since that unresolved revelation. It is my understanding that this lawsuit cannot be resolved by arbitration, and must be answered in a jury trial.

Much has changed since the two posts below, but I consider them relevant. The questions being asked then have now mostly been answered,

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MDMN discussion for week beginning

Continuing the discussion from MDMN - 2016-02-15 Weekly Discussion:


So when is Auryn going to release news regarding last weeks meeting? Also whats happening on the mountain? We are due for news!


I agree where is our exploration update almost 2 months now.


As requested:


Yes, we are.


The shares that are being dumped the past week are most likely free trading shares! There is no way someone is making money it would not surprise me if it’s Les. Really sad we can’t get out of this pit.


Does anyone have his address they can PM me?



Thank you Karl but his home and office address


I do not have his home or office address


Hopefully this will be his home address sometime soon:

Millhaven Institution
Loyalist, ON K0H 1G0, Canada


From mdmn website under most 12/23 legal proceeding:
Leslie Price. 405-221 West Esplanade, North Vanciuver, British Columbia, V7M 3J3


Thank you D

Does this look familiar to anyone? His office?


I don’t see anyone in a leisure suit outside smoking, so it’s hard to say for sure.


Could this be his Attorneys office? Liking that Range Rover tho


I was hoping to see Rocko and Moose walking in the door


It’s probably Les Range Rover, all paid by us :rage: