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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2017 Q1General Discussion


I too have been saying this for years-we need to have a copy of the contracts. A few days ago, again I asked if we had a copy of the contract. NO ONE answered my question.


Where is the contract??



The lack of news on the property is starting to bug me, just a little bit, there’s a lot of things happening on the property, why the silence ?


probably nothing worthwhile to report.


Hope not,there should be.


I can hear a fly :laughing: this is the most exciting time in years and so quiet, sure news would help members posting.


Testing… Testing… Testing…

OK, just wanted to make sure the mic was turned on😉


I’m happy to know ,I’m not the only one alive :grin:


Where’s the news? Long overdue and please don’t tell me there is nothing to report just read the last 3 updates.


Maybe MDMN (Auryn) is turning into a legit mining company that only updates when it’s worth their time and energy. That would certainly be a big change (and much welcomed IMHO) compared to their past fluffy, pump and dump, personal ATM, typical penny stock mentality.

IF that is why we haven’t heard anything for a while, I’m content to wait it out. I’m really hoping this thing is turning into a legit mining operation, which takes time, money and patience and a lot of it, instead of what we’ve dealt with the last few decades.


It has moved down 12 percent today on $700 traded. It is still a penny stock.


Exact. As I said before, it’s going to take time, money and patience to get this corrected. There’s no Les Price telling us there is a huge buyer with pie in the sky deal for us. My timeline is still 2 years.


Gold is up,the higher the better eventually investors will flock to unknown Jewels like MDMN.


Well looks like the ASK keeps lining up 1 million for sale @ .0052


That’s what happens when someone says 2 years


Depends of the price he wants out, me, i think, i should be able to start selling within a year, if everything goes as planned obviously.


It’s what happens when the market has a true valuation of MDMN and you don’t have a swindler telling you this should be worth $2.00 a share or more.


I just hope we’re around in some fashion when the true value of the mountain is revealed. We have suffered great financial loss and friendships where we were trying to help people out but inevitably hurt them as well.
Many here invested because of the speculation of what the mountain holds.
Yes, Les lied and is a POS and best we don’t meet in person but the mountain is still there.


This forum was set up to discuss our stock, mountain, where we are and where we are going. We have given tons of leeway to those who have disparaging remarks to those who have managed to derail the stock as the mountain proves itself up, yet we are not a forum where we will discuss any type of vigilante tactics whether joking or not.
Our Board of Directors​ has chosen to take the high road and deal with the situation with dignity and I for one respect that decision. It’s not that we all don’t have words and evil thoughts about those who have destroyed many hope’s and dreams, but as T. R. said we made the choice when every fiber in our bone’s were telling us to be wary.
Please respect the forum…