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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2017 Q2 General Discussion


Not a pep talk, but why sell now. Can’t lose that much more than I have.


I have no intention of selling. I am actually considering buying more. But every time I do, the share price goes lower the longer we go without updates. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I am not stupid. I am just frustrated like everyone else waiting for a break or some positive developments, that will finally allow the share price to move north. This is not the first time we have been left in the dark without a flashlight…


Unless you’re looking to exit soon, the SP is virtually meaningless right now. It won’t make a bit of difference when you have shares of Auryn.


My humble opinion…
I have been told until there is something noteworthy to say… Nothing will be said.
Auryn will be first to come out with an update I am sure, followed by Medinah.
I am sure there are plenty of legalities that are still to be played out and a public forum or publication of updates is not the way to handle things at this time.
Auryn was very methodical about acquisition of the properties, legalities in place and trying to acquire share’s. I know that there are still things in the works to try and bring our share structure under control but I have no idea if or how successful that will be or the latest legal and accounting goals for CDCH.
Auryn seems that they are on track to IPO by the end of the year, and I think “THINK” our two companies are trying to get to the point that they can legally accept Auryn’s offering when it’s time.
Meanwhile… Auryn seems to be proving up the properties… I hope they have been looking for a very strong partner “OR” perhaps a strong partner has been checking the property out themselves.
No matter what, right now until thing’s are in line for Auryn to take control, it makes no sense to give an update that will only be shredded until the full picture can be exposed.

I would like to know more myself… But have learned patients " don’t know where, but have a good idea…


With all due respect, MDMN converting to Auryn is still speculation (unless someone can point to official communication stating differently)
We are now in an era where people are saying the price doesn’t matter because of it. Really???
I can understand silence if there is nothing to say but reversing what was already indicated like production on the mountain and some type of follow up to world class geology experts being on the mountain should have happened.
Meanwhile, we sit back and watch large shareholders manipulate the price down trying to accumulate more shares at the expense of people who need to sell because the they will theoretically have more shares of Auryn (unless there is official communication?)


I’d be very interested to see the evidence you have of this, otherwise, with all due respect, this too is speculation. Personally speaking, I find the idea humorous that anyone would be working to manipulate down the price of a .005 stock in order to buy cheaper. If I wanted to double my position today at .005 it would only cost me 63k, which is approximately 23 times less than what I paid for my current shares. I can assure you, from the perspective of what many would consider to be a fairly “major” shareholder, the last thing I am interested in is continually devaluing my existing investment in order to buy cheaper, especially in this situation where there are so many questions regarding a positive outcome. That’s a pretty stupid investment plan.

Here’s what I suspect has been going on with the share price for the past couple years now… People are fed up/stressed out and/or have reached varying points of financial stress where taking a loss and bailing in part or completely looked better or necessary as opposed to hanging on for some indeterminate period of time.

This has been the most prolonged, angering, frustrating, disgusting, time consuming, disheartening, yet valuable learning experience of my 16 year investing/trading career, and I’m a seasoned professional with enough capital to weather whatever storm comes of it even if it ends in complete loss. It’s not difficult to imagine what others with not the time, experience, or finances would be going through, and therefore not at all difficult to imagine many people either coming to terms with things and taking a loss, or needing to fulfill financial obligations where there is no other choice but to sell and move on. Just my opinion. If there is some conspiracy going on here I would laugh in the faces of those very small thinking minds conducting it.


On an additional note, I know of a close friend of more than 45 years that I brought into MDMN and CDCH who confided with me that he dumped with over a $20K loss simply because he didn’t want his wife to see the loss on their IRA statement. Neither of us hope to ever again have a learning experience that compares to what the real cost in stress and anguish this investment has caused.


I don’t recall anyone saying there is no production going on, I would still put that into the category of proving up the mountain at this point. As far as profit’s that’s laughable as Auryn’s costs to this point have not been satisfied. We will hear nothing of this for sometime IMO. And as far as world class geologists being on the mountain, those who hired them/ him are entitled to the reports not Medinah (again points to proving up the mountain for someone).

I am not sticking up for them!!! As I said earlier, I would love to know what’s going on as well, and you can call anything speculation with this stock at this time but follow the trail, it’s pretty easy to see…


[quote=“jak167, post:424, topic:1863”]

Insider truth is plain wrong, and it’s obvious he’s trying to manipulate the facts to fit his view. Sound familiar? I would suggest ignoring insidertruth completely, unless you like drinking the coolaid, and rely upon the known, proven facts.

Ditto and thanks. All the conjecture about Les is meaningless until there is official news on resolution of all the legal suits. The focus should be on AURYN’s progress and a successful IPO with productive exploitation of the Merlin. A professional Silltoe inspired report of the Alto will likely accompany the IPO prospectus. I’m sure AURYN (and or MASGLAS) could use an Investor Relations company like the one that was used in the past:
So until there is substantial news from AURYN I do not expect to hear much. I prefer substantiated news over blog rumors. When it comes to speculation, I would suggest that MASGLAS intends to showcase what it does with AURYN to promote it’s MASGLAS projects:

We are basing our business plan model for an industry recovery starting 2018. At that time we expect to have an advanced stage portfolio of properties, including some producing units.


Never said anything about profits but rather production. We were told they were beginning production at the Vegas meeting which would be slow in 16 in increase in 17.
No follow up explanation as to why not. If they have produced, why don’t they tell us.
To say writing is on the wall is something Les would say.
I thought we’d have a lot more transparency with Kevin. Don’t get me wrong, I spent some time talking to him and think he’s a class act which makes me disappointed none of the things that were reported as going to happen weren’t followed up.
Also, I just can’t understand why Les is not in jail. The guy admitted it at Miami meeting.


MDMN also told Auryn the wrong number of issued shares, I bet you their list of complaints is longer than ours.


Loving the silence from Auryn and Medinah!! Must be a lot happening behind the scenes.


yeah! and everyone here quit bitching for 3 whole days and counting… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dude! You jinxed it! Now everyone’s going to show you how much they can complain! :wink:


I’ve been in this 12 years, I doubt I could be surprised by anything that this stock or board will do


as long as kevin tupper is still around Im good with waiting. He is a very stand up guy and will protect our interest til the very end


Come and get it. .0044 on the ask…No takers? I am tempted, but would just feel foolish being the only one. It is discouraging and perplexing that there is an opportunity to pick up shares at almost an all time low and nobody is even interested in averaging down…


Just a question or two that haven’t been answered/addressed by AURYN in quite a while. News was shut down on reporting of mining operation results at the end of the year after four test shipments of ore to ENAMI. In January, initial shipments were reported as good at 11.5 g/t, but lower than expectations. Kevin reported “from the CEO” on the web site visit in February:

The vein on level 2a is eye-popping. Outwardly it appears to have far greater mineralization than the vein uncovered on level 3. This has been confirmed by multiple assays on both veins.

It was evident with recent visits from representatives of FCX and the additional consulting expertise of Dr. Jannas and Dr. Sillitoe that intensive planning analysis for the strategy moving forward has been in progress. This is in addition to the plans for an IPO later this year.

My questions are how long will direct shipments of ore continue to ENAMI and if there are plans for an ore sorting and processing plant in progress? What new technologies are available? What new permitting applications have been applied for? How will these plans change the future success of AURYN (thus benefiting MDMN and CDCH shareholders)?


ASK keeps getting loaded 765000 @ .0043 and no one wants it! Who can be selling hmmmm

Be a tall mountain to climb to get back over .02 even a .01


Even majors don’t keep their shareholders in the dark for so long. Incredible the company doesn’t reach out to their shareholders to keep them informed what has happened the past six months.