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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2017 Q2 General Discussion


I too appreciate Kevin’s effort, but come on now we have been in the dark for way too long.


I would like to pick up more shares at this price, but the cone of silence has me frozen. Perhaps things are not going according to plan. I would like to know first, before acquiring more shares…


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AURYN is in the driver’s seat, and they are not a publicly trading company. There is no advantage or obligation for the 65% of AURYN’s ownership (the primary investors) to communicate until they IPO, IMO.
My last purchase of MDMN was in October of last year. My greed has admittedly waned since my 50% loss from my last purchase. :disappointed: Yes, fully invested again, for the last time.

I do not plan on buying more MDMN at any price, but when AURYN becomes free trading, then I will likely invest in AURYN shares and await any distribution dividend shares of AURYN that my Medinah position has earned. The only news I would anticipate from Kevin is on resolution of any of the legal matters. AURYN owes no obligation to issue news to it’s minority shareholders (MDMN and CDCH) at this time. AURYN is just moving forward for the very best IPO and positive news on it’s F-1 registration statement. However, I do anticipate a news release regarding finalization of the Cerro cash call solution, and the consolidated directorship of Medinah and Cerro. Cerro will have Italo Volante Gomez, Raul Del Solar, Kevin Tupper and Gary Goodin as directors. This will be good in reducing cost and debt obligations for current shareholders as we await an eventual pro rata distribution into a new AURYN free trading equity, IMO.


We have a product
We have a place
We have no promotion
We have no price
Whoever or whatever it is has been trying to push us into low 4s
Now it’s there. 20 percent reduction on a few hundred bucks.

{Mod note: we know what you think about it- no need to be crude.}


I don’t understand the manipulation talk. The price, may or may not be in the gutter. We all bought high. We all decided to buy when there was talk of a JV, buyout, etc etc etc. We were given thousands of reasons to buy.

But I don’t see how that correlates with the SP being manipulated currently.


If you don’t see anything wrong with s 20 percent reduction in your investment based on a continual 20 percent difference between the bid and ask, then you either know something no one else does or your part of the problem


This stock will remain illiquid as long as the stop sign remains from the OTC. As exhausted as shareholders are of waiting, I’m optimistic that for those with a time horizon of two years that AURYN has recently given for the cash call loans, I will receive a decent ROI. It’s a real disappointment for those having to sell out of necessity. It will take more time for AURYN to implement a successful IPO and move it’s mining exploration and exploitation on the ALTO to profitability. Despite the exceptional mining claims now in AURYN’s hands, there are still many hurdles and risks for Medinah to overcome.


ok. but how is it being manipulated?


Not the one doing it. How about you? Any ideas?
Theory, group f$&@ing with bid and ask baiting desperate shareholders to sell very low by making them think it’s going lower
That way, those doing it are inevitably accumulating more shares of Auryn on the cheap


It’s not a group doing it. It is the nature of the electronic system when there is little to no trading interest. Same thing going on and has been for a long time with CDCH because of low interest/volume. Believe it or not, I don’t care. There’s no price manipulation going on with MDMN.


How do you know?


There have been many days over the past several months when I have opened my broker software to observe the trading of numerous investments, Medinah included. I know what price manipulation looks and feels like in the trading of stocks that I have known and observed for years, and in this case, more than a decade. Do I “know” with absolute certainty that the price isn’t being manipulated… no. Do I feel extremely confident based upon my knowledge of the trading of this stock for well over a decade… yes.

Now whatever camp anyone chooses to be in on this subject is fine with me. I’m done with it until and unless I happen to observe something that prompts me to comment on it.


20 percent difference between bid and ask for days. That is not normal and an easy environment for some to make money.
This is s penny stock. Our old management made statements about things that were going to happen that never did. The stock price reacted to the BS.
Now we have a new mgt which made statements about things happening and they have not followed up. I met them and talked to them and was impressed. To not follow up on previous statements is what prior mgt did. We need some follow up. This is my beef,


TR I think Dentman might have a point here. Can someone explain the small opening trades in the morning and the small 500 Ask at the end of the day? It’s not even worth the commission to even make a trade that small. Then when I’m seeing L2 I see a bid go through of a large amount like today 350k followed by a new BID of 800 popping up as soon as that trade gets excecuted. Kinda of weird don’t you think? At the end of the day I just want this going the other way then going backwards. The only thing that will stop that will be some news from Auryn and or Medinah on any front.


Guys (and girls)…it is not that difficult to understand.


The company is a whole different story, but let’s stick with the stock. IT SUCKS!!!

Most people won’t go near it with a ten foot pole. It has 3 billion shares outstanding. It has been littered with fraud that is only beginning to be exposed and cleaned up. It has outstanding lawsuits. It is much more thinly traded than when it was considered relatively active from news (fake news for Les to dump shares into). The company has gone silent for a reason and not because Kevin wants to torture shareholders. What incentive does Maurizio have for releasing news on Auryn at this point? Seriously.

Stop watching the ticker and think about it. What sane investor would go near this stock? Emphasis on “sane”. There is a large disparity between bid and ask for a reason…there is little demand on either side of the equation, so you have big swings in the price on little shares traded. This happens with thousands of low interest penny stocks every day. That isn’t manipulation. It is called disinterest and it is there for all the reasons you guys complain about for the last 6-12 months.

MDMN is a 27.5% shareholder in Auryn, nothing more and nothing less. There is no difference where this stock trades right now unless you are intending on buying or selling in the short term. Short term = prior to the inevitable conversion of MDMN shares into Auryn shares, however that conversion shakes out. Current shareholders will convert their shares into Auryn on a pro rata basis. The only thing that matters as far as your investment is concerned is the number of shares that Medinah can claw back from the Les Price fiasco and the number of shares Kevin can maintain in the O/S.

The equation of your ownership is this:

MDMN has approximately 3 billion shares outstanding. Medinah owns ~27.5% of Auryn. If/when MDMN is absorbed by Auryn and Auryn is publicly traded, that 27.5% will be divided up on a pro rata basis into the new publicly traded entity based on all entities owning a piece of pie of Auryn. Each MDMN shareholder will get an equivalent amount of shares in the new entity based on their current ownership of MDMN. Though this is not taking into account outstanding debts that MDMN has to take care of. It doesn’t matter whether MDMN is trading at .005, .05, or .50. We are getting the same percentage of Auryn shares on a pro rata basis no matter what! The only person who cares about the price is the shareholder who wants to accumulate more shares for a cheaper price or a shareholder who wants to sell their shares at a higher price. Anyone in between doesn’t really matter.

If you understand this concept, you’re not complaining about the share price because you know it is completely meaningless in the end game. It doesn’t effect your eventual ownership position in the new Auryn entity. If manipulation exists (it doesn’t), it is completely arbitrary and meaningless.

The market doesn’t matter because the manipulation has already occurred - and that was Les Price manipulating every shareholders’ hopes and dreams while he fraudulently sold shares behind their backs.

This will eventually straighten itself out, but shareholders will not be privy to it until certain matters get cleared up or certain milestones are achieved. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what those things are. Until then, we wait.


I gave you an answer and you choose not to accept it. Nothing more I can do. The trading here is not normal with such low trade volume most days. I guess if it makes you feel better being angry hanging onto your price manipulation theory then enjoy it. I don’t see it. If I did I’d say so.

I empathize with your unhappiness, although we were warned that we would not be updated if there was nothing to update, or nothing that could be updated because of the legal situation. It’s the same old scenario here that has existed for years… you either accept that you invested in this mess and go about your life until we have closure one way or another… or drive yourself nuts. I made myself nuts for the better part of a decade. I learned the lessons and am at peace with this whole thing. It will either be profitable or it will not. Perhaps some will find this irresponsible of me, but my desire to be proactive faded a few years ago. I’m content to enjoy life and have a “wait and see” attitude.

Finally, since you are clearly not of the same mindset as myself, and you have a “beef”, I would think that you would focus your efforts in a direction that gives you a better chance of getting a response. Posting your angst here will get you about a 0% chance of a response by MDMN management. I’d be sending emails and making calls to the company if I were you.

Please understand that I get why you’re upset and you have reason to be, but staying this way is unhealthy and wears on the body. Is it worth your life to be constantly angry at something you have little power to change? At the very least, communicate your unhappiness to the company where you have some chance of getting a response. It just isn’t going to happen here.


DD… it’s possible that it’s MM trades, but I doubt it’s manipulation. Also, there are brokers, like one I use, that charges commission based upon the cost of the shares traded and not just a set price like the big brokers typically do. If I wanted to sell a few hundred shares in that account of mine it would only cost a dollar commission.

Bottom line for me, again, I watch the trading of MDMN every now and again and I don’t see what I would call price manipulation going on here. The volume is just low and so you get those wider spreads when there are few participants.

Take care folks.


As usual, you do a much better job of explaining it than I do Rick. Nice job and thanks!


Rick I have a lot of respect for you and you are correct on several points, but come on now we have not heard what’s been happening for months on the mountain. Pictures no longer being posted Auryn gone silent. Are we mining? These are questions that can be answered with a simple update. Yes it’s not going to raise the SP, but it will show that there’s some transparency to us shareholders. Not too much to ask for