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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2017 Q3 General Discussion

Crook and a troll. Why am I not surprised.


Perhaps so. It’s not too bright a thing to mess with people by intimating your own death. Right up Les’ alley. Maybe it’ll turn out to be a prediction?


Isn’t it better that he is alive for now, especially if we are not done clawing back shares? I don’t know. Gold at 1349. Ok Medinah…Please, show us a pulse…

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Personally, I think he is planning to leave the country and disappear.

Nice to see Gold over 1350. Let’s go Auryn where we at??

We could charter a helicopter for him and give him a ride. For the oldtime goldbugs :wink:


It seems Auryn is going to be at the Chile Explore Congress 2017 again.


Nice find and thanks for sharing, Hulkster!

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Thanks Hulk! So do we get any news before or after the congress?

I did not see them on the speaker list could they just be one of the sponsors?

It would make sense that they will speak, hopefully they will have more to say than last year.


Good find Hulk
Also of note, Raymond Janas is on the conference committee.
As I recall, he assisted Mauruzio with geological work.

Yes, the geology community is a rather small group. … Dr. Jannas was previously employed as Vice President-Exploration & Geology by Hochschild Mining Plc., where Luciana Bocanegra was just coincidentally a senior geologist for 3 years. Currently, Dr. Jannas appears to be president of GEXSA which specializes in Strategic Business Development and strategic planning. It sounds plausible that it may have been Dr. Jannas that suggested having Dr. Sillitoe have a look around to evaluate the ALTO to support the F-1 application.

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Dr. Raymond Jannas to assist Maurizio Cordova and AURYN as a geological consultant

I hear that a … certain … ex-member … has posted many lies on iShlub about Kevin, perhaps as revenge for his ban here. Hope anyone from here who reads that junk realizes it’s total bs.

I hope that most of the people that read anything on IHub or this site realize most of its “total bs”. If not, they ain’t too bright. These message boards provide a bridge in between official PRs from the company which should be the ONLY information to be relied on.


I am ready for any and all news we can rely make decisions on our shares. I hope the news will be positive but who knows what it will say and when

We’ve already seen visual evidence posted by CHG that work on the Caren vein has continued this year. I expect there will be news of the results of this work on the Larissa Adit at level 3 once AURYN decides to break the silence. Below is Slide 15 showing the the location of all exploration targets announced a few years back:

Here’s a current similar view/orientation from earlier this year which includes the Las Dos Maria (LDM) and Pegaso Nero (PN):

including LDM and PN

A close up of LDM claim area (lower left) for future comparison:

In the January 30 release AURYN appeared to highlight that it was entering a Confidentiality Agreement with Freeport-McMoRan and:

In the middle of January representatives from Freeport-McMoRan spent several days on the property to begin their evaluation of the project. This involved touring all known targets for the entire project and taking samples. Freeport-McMoRan will evaluate their findings over the coming weeks.

AURYN quite clearly announced that it was refining the business for developing the entire project, including the possibility of bringing on additional partners for the porphyry targets. A close-up of Pegaso Nero claims for future comparison:

A close-up of the Fortuna de Lampa claim area for future comparison:

I expect AURYN will include progress and planned production on the Caren vein once the silence is broken. An evaluation of the other ALTO targets including exploration/drilling for the upcoming season focusing on LDM and Fortuna claims as previously announced in January is likely. IMO


In addition to the close-up view of the Fortuna claims above, I’d like to draw attention to an overview of the claims area as I see depicted on slide 15 and 18:

Compare this view to slide 15. It appears there was some additional work in the upper left and right corners, and possibly in the small upper center area since the time the deck was originally posted. These are included for future reference/comparison, also.


I want to publicly thank you, Corn, MG, Doc and others for the references to the Geology of the claims. Excellent information as to the potential. IMO Auyrn has the resources, expertise and connections within the mining community to realize that potential. Keep up the excellent work. U


just wish they would just start sharing so we can understand where we are with this investment