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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2017 Q3 General Discussion

Gold moving closer to 1350 Current 1341

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It is probably appropriate to post this since Les affected so many lives here and still has a lingering impact on our investment.

This was forwarded to me. See attached. I don’t have any more information on this than that and don’t know of it’s authenticity. I’m sure we will know for sure shortly. It is definitely NOT confirmed.

Based on the misspelling, lack of punctuation, and overall lack of ability to intelligently compose a sentence, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wrote it.

…And if it’s real, good riddance. I didn’t like, trust, or sympathize with him in life. Death doesn’t change any of that.


If true, then I am wondering whether the shares were ever returned according to the settlement. If not returned, does this mean we have to go to court and fight with heirs to get them??

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Depends. You have to deal with both Price as an individual, Price’s corporations, and/or Price’s trusts (if any). If settlements signed by Price as an individual and contain language RE dismissal of lawsuits, then shares would still have to be returned and lawsuits dismissed. The process could be delayed due to probate proceedings, but the settlement would ultimately have to be honored. Once he dies, the probate proceedings would appoint an executor to handle his estate. MDMN would have to file a claim against the estate based upon the settlement. The court would then require the estate to honor the terms of the settlement. (I’m really simplifying the process here).

RE the Price corps, depends upon whether he has any other shareholders, buy/sell agreements, or he owns all the shares. If he owns all the shares, then the shares pass to his estate and see paragraph above. If he has other shareholders and/or buy/sell agreements, then others may be able to take over and run the corps to complete the settlements. The second scenario would be better for the corps.

If things go to probate, expect a much longer resolution of the MDMN saga RE Price and any share returns. Probate proceedings often take multiple years to complete.

Lastly, if any issues involve a trust, this would have the quickest resolution. All trusts have succession plans in place. If trust entered into settlement, then Price’s death would have no effect upon trust’s compliance with the settlement terms.

RE fighting heirs, as long as the settlements have been executed, MDMN can enforce the settlements over any heirs rights. In probate, creditors get paid from probate estate assets prior to heirs taking their shares. It’s why many with some form of wealth enter into trusts. It avoids probate.

IMO, to benefit MDMN, as much as we all may wish Price ill will, we should hope he does not shuffle off his mortal coil until MDMN has completed its settlements and share returns. And, maybe, hopefully, since he seems to be meeting his maker sooner rather than later, Price decides to do the right thing for MDMN before he does so to increase his chances in the afterlife (we all know he’s a selfish prick, so he should see the motivation in helping us).


Were the shares even returned? I guess that would be something Kevin can shed some light on for us and what this could all mean.


Is he really dead ? Anybody willing to donate to this poor person ?

My A fantasy. For Les to lose everything. All his shares be put back into treasury. Auryn to find gold far beyond there wildest estimates. All of us shareholders getting PAID and Les gets nothing.

B fantasy. Kick him in the nuts before he goes to hell.

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I dont think he’s dead. Maybe he’s done posting on FB and wrote that. Like TR said earlier [quote=“TradeRich, post:356, topic:1956”]

Based on the misspelling, lack of punctuation, and overall lack of ability to intelligently compose a sentence, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wrote it.

I’d be more surprised if he was a goner.

My first thought when I read this…
“Is there actually a ‘lions gate hospital cardiac care unit’? Or is this another way for Les to make a buck at others expense.” His greed really has had no limit. Reminds me of the scene when Scrooge is introduced to how people react to his death by the third spirit.


Why did they put the dates like he died ?
From Oct 20 1937 to Sept 5 2017.

Les is like a cockroach. It will likely take a nuclear apocalypse before he’s eradicated.


Texhorn, not even Harvey and Irma combined.

Yes there is a Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver that probably does have a Cardiac Unit. I’ll check some more details and post again later. Anyone could check thin on the net also.

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Take this with a grain of salt until it is clarified. Do we know his birthdate? Could he be saying goodbye to someone else who did die? It is looking like it is not Les yet. Please refrain from getting vulgar about it.

Here is the contact info on the hospital referred to in the Price notice.

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Yes…that is his birthday. To my knowledge, those that attempted to contact Les yesterday were unsuccessful. The hospital was contacted but he likely was not there. (He had purportedly had a stent put in his heart at that facility previously after a major heart attack.) In any case, I believe shareholder concerns about how his demise might effect the legal process in a negative way are unfounded. I’m sure Medinah will confirm this at some point if Les is no more.


he has two facebook profiles

Actually, he has at least 3…one with a misspelling of his last name…no surprise what that hey?

A reliable source says Les is not dead and he wrote that post. Messing with us?

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