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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2017 Q3 General Discussion


And that is one heckuva a letter and endorsement by Maurizio. His words need to be heeded by all shareholders who are doubting the process or who have misgivings about the lack of information coming out of the ADL. We are in good hands with Maurizio and Auryn. We just have to let it play out.


Mutual respect between partners is a solid basis for success. There are many other parameters but this relationship seems “Golden.”


Thank you Kevin, you are the main reason why I am still here and I’m sure many others. I wish you all the very best in your new position and they are very lucky to have someone like you on their team. Best of luck and cheers. Taff


This says as much about Maurizio as it does about Kevin. This one letter gives some nice insight into the character of our partner(s). The future here continues to brighten as far as I’m concerned.


With our new found confidence, is anyone considering buying some more dirt cheap shares? Just curious…


If true, and I have no reason to believe it’s not… wow. May have something here.


Wow!!! Mr Cordova didn’t have to take the time to share any of that. Knowing Kevin is a class act, I wasn’t concerned about Auryn behaving in a shady manner. Now, after reading this letter, I’m perfectly fine with the continued silence, there is a legitimate business reason for this I’m sure. What a world of difference vs the old clown bus :clown_face: :bus:


Heartfelt thanks to Keven for taking on such a thankless task for all of us. I don’t know who else could have pulled off this miracle.


Yes indeed. Easy to guess that Maurizio wants to fold the Pangue and Caren placer claims at the base of the Alto under the Auryn umbrella to complete the full consolidation of the mountain and the related gold deposits nearby. Pretty sure Juan no longer owns any of it and Les of course had to give his shares up so American Sierra Gold is now fully in friendly hands. Medinah’s percent of Auryn will probably go up slightly when the smoke clears since they own some of AMNP. I suppose it is even possible that they put Auryn into that shell although don’t know if that actually makes any sense or not.

Sad to see Kevin go but really he isn’t going anywhere. He remains a major shareholder and will see this through to the end just like myself.

Note: Here is the American Sierra Gold website:

This is the last thing posted there…see below. I don’t think Maurizio was an officer of the Company as of March so this is a recent development.

Welcome to American Sierra Gold!


Certain documents were recently mailed to American Sierra Gold Corp. (“AMNP”) shareholders by an individual that is not an AMNP shareholder. These documents falsely state that there is going to be an AMNP Annual General Meeting and Special Meeting of Shareholders on April 5, 2017. AMNP management sent a letter dated March 27, 2017, to each AMNP shareholder addressing this issue. A copy of the letter can be found here: AMNP Letter to Shareholders

Per AMNP management, there will NOT be an AMNP Annual General Meeting, nor will there be a Special Meeting of the Shareholders, on April 5, 2017.

Submitted on behalf of the American Sierra Gold Corp. Board of Directors

And a copy of the letter:

March 27, 2017

Dear Shareholder:
It has come to the attention of American Sierra Gold Corp. (“AMNP”) management that an individual unknown to AMNP management, Mr. Laurence Austin, has mailed to certain AMNP shareholders several documents. These documents are titled: By Order of Shareholders of American Sierra Gold Corp., Notice of Annual General Meeting and Special Meeting of Shareholders, Proxy, and Notes to Shareholders Completing this Proxy Form.
AMNP management has no knowledge regarding these documents, the mailing thereof and none of these documents were issued by AMNP management. AMNP management is in no way soliciting proxies and AMNP management has nothing to do with any of these documents nor the meeting allegedly set for April 5, 2017. There will NOT be an AMNP Annual General Meeting nor an AMNP Special Meeting of the Shareholders on April 5, 2017.
Apparently, whoever mailed this circular, placed the AMNP shareholder’s social security number, name and address, on the outside of the envelope. This public disclosure of social security numbers is a possible violation of state and federal laws and can lead to identity theft. Neither AMNP nor its management had anything to do with this mailing. There is no “Laurence Austin” listed as a shareholder of AMNP. AMNP shareholders are encouraged to report these possible violations to their local law enforcement agencies.
There are many falsehoods, misinformation and unfounded allegations contained in these documents. AMNP management will address these issues, and current developments, with a statement on the AMNP website. Please go to to view AMNP management’s statement. Please email any questions to
Submitted on behalf of the American Sierra Gold Corp. Board of Directors

Gary P. Goodin

Italo Volante Gomez


KEVIN best of luck to your new endeavor! THANK you for saving our investment. If it wasn’t for you I would have been long gone. When you stepped up I knew at least I had your eyes watching my investment!! THANK you for efforts and only risk is left is a mining risk not a PINK SHEET SCAM RISK!! THIS IS HUGE NEWS AND WILL BE ADDING FIRST NEWS RELEASE THEY PUT OUT THAT SHOWS PROGRESS FROM HERE.


Thank You Kevin, for your outstanding services, you will be missed, hoping your replacement will be as good.


Thank you, Kevin, from my entire family. We are so darn happy this morning seeing this news. You are a beast.

Just to show how important this news is to us –– We have about $50,000 invested in this stock over a 10 year period, and we were all pretty much ready to write it off, having been thru the wringer with all of the bad actors involved with the company. Having you turn it around means the world to us, and our children. It will also be great to talk about this investment positively with my wife for the first time in years.

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Thank you Kevin for all of your work. Maurizio’s letter shows the depth of your character and the effort you have put into saving MDMN, and all of our collective backsides. We were fortunate to have you on our side and will miss your leadership going forward. Good luck on your new project!


I am in the same exact situation. Thank you Kevin!


Thanks & Good Luck Kevin.

I’d still like to know what happened with the increase of approx. 1.5 Billion shares. Who got the money (not Medinah), and why were only 100-200 Million shares cancelled !


Maurizo’s letter bears some thoughtful discernment by all of us. He not only thanks Kevin and gives him the credit he deserves for tirelessly taking on the task of righting the ship, but I can’t remember ever reading such a letter from a business leader about the evils that lurk among us, and how even AURYN got caught unawares of the damage that had been done to both companies, and the precarious position it put both companies in as they were doing their utmost to go forward with integrity. Imagine the nights Maurizo and others spent pondering the crimes that had taken place right under their noses…this letter is a declaration of sorts…the subtext says this entire debacle shows how the most forthright among us can be duped. Apart from being a letter of thanks to Kevin, it’s a tacit apology that given all the DD they did when they stepped into this venture, they were still blindsided and woke up one morning to find the entire enterprise at risk. Needlesstosay, they, too, learned a lesson that won’t soon be forgotten.


Where did the money go? Gone. It went to Les and he spent it on his life style. We literally paid for his life style when he issued and sold stock for at least two decades.


Les, what a shame.
Somehow, I’m sure he’s justified it and feels he was underpaid.


Did anyone else BUY today? Probably a mistake, but we’ve hovered here for a long while and I don’t think it’s going down much further if announcements and positive results start cropping up here and there. It’s a great day for MDMN. JJ and LES gone. Kevin didn’t screw us over (thanks Kevin!). Maurizo provides some great insight. First time I’ve been comfortable with this investment in several years.

Interesting how the rumor mill slowed/stopped and the ship suddenly seems more stable.


I was also disappointed that few shares of common were recovered. But I guess it was to be expected. The common shares were probably sold as they were created so there were none to recover. The preferred shares were most likely restricted or they would have been sold also. Medinah could have spent YEARS trying to find out where the money went and still have very little to show for it. I think they were wise to follow their legal advisers and settle for what they could get. The books are now clean and we can more forward.