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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2017 Q3 General Discussion

Thank you Mr. Tupper!


My guess is that more shares were returned than it appears. Some preferred shares were converted to common shares, which increased the common shares outstanding. The reduction in preferred shares down to 50,000 is huge. I would like to know the conversion rate of the 50K preferred shares outstanding.

I really like the comment that the public offering was still moving forward!

I would like to extend my thanks to Kevin also.


For me, this (as I suggested in a post yesterday) is a momentous turning point. For many reasons. The focus going forward is on this mountain being a WC deposit of many minerals with a potential lifetime of decades of mining…not the sinister shenanigans that were undermining all the potential of that mountain and the efforts to reveal its treasures. As many have said…JJ and LES, though their names will always be associated with bitterness and infamy, will get their due one way or another, and they will fast recede into the mists of history as the plans for a developing this world class deposit go forward.


Kevin…many, many thanks to you for your incredible perseverance on our behalf and your model of integrity for all those following in these companies and for all of us witnessing your remarkable humanity. Thank you and God Bless you in your future endeavors. You are an inspiration!!!


With this update, can anyone find the potential downside to this investment now other than the amount of time it will take to start increasing the S/P?

Kevin, your the man and thank you from my family for all your hard work and taking care of all of us.

While slightly disappointing that 1.4 billion shares evaporated into thin air and shady pockets, the markets always prefer clarity. I had always assumed the preferreds would be reduced to nearly nothing given the people who held them. Some of whom had already returned their common. It becomes easier to imagine how crooks like Les operating on the bulletin boards think they can brazenly rip people off because, as is the case here, there are virtually no repercussions. One of the easy lessons learned with MDMN: the junior mining space is already risky enough when investing in listed companies. The added risk of a junior mining play on the bulletin boards is simply not worth the reward.

Either way, Kevin’s efforts should be commended (as they have been on this board). Three billion shares makes the upward climb challenging but, now that we have a number, there is no longer the need to fly blind. Once we begin to receive fundamental news/updates it will become a lot easier to assign a fair value to MDMN’s shares. Hard to do so today but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.


Make that 3…had hope but it was dwindling. This is all great news and breaking even would be a Godsent at this point.
Thanks Kevin, and Maurizio…

Let’s hope we are finally at ground zero and many more good news days ahead!
I think we will be very pleased with the future progress of our stock positions!


I just returned from a fishing trip and read the news for the first time this morning. I want to thank Kevin Tupper for the tireless and effective effort he has expended over his tenure at the helm of Medinah. My family and I sincerely thank you for uprighting the ship. Good luck and God bless in all of your future endeavors.


Ditto all the well deserved accolades sent to Mr. Tupper that have been expressed here. I just returned from an extended trip also, and sincerely want to thank Kevin Tupper and wish him well in his new position, projects and responsibilities. Having met him at last year’s Informational Meeting I had great confidence that if anyone could turn things around from a shareholder’s perspective, Kevin was up to the endeavor. Perhaps this was clearly confirmed by Maurizio when he stated publicly:

How do you move forward? Someone needs to step up and put honesty back in motion and start undoing the wrong as much as possible and in the best possible way.
For Medinah and its shareholders, Kevin Tupper was that someone. As CEO of Medinah for the last year, Kevin led the effort. He worked diligently and served as a counselor and friend to both AURYN and Medinah. He sacrificed his time and relationships in order to bring a positive result to many shareholders.

I emphasize this last part because the sacrifice of Kevin’s time and relationships is vastly understated.

I want to express my profound gratitude to Kevin Tupper and the other Directors for their work with Medinah. There is a time for everything. Kevin is moving on to lead other projects.
AURYN continues to execute its mining plan.

Many here have held large positions, undoubtedly including Kevin, which provided much motivation to see this investment turned around. How many shareholders could have put forth the effort needed to bring a positive result to the situation all shareholders suffered through? Taking a year off devoted to straightening out the mess we shareholders were in was out of the question for virtually any other investor in this stock. I’m sure the financial hardship endured this past year by Kevin will be well rewarded in the future by both his new position and the efforts of AURYN to complete working it’s longterm plan for exploiting the mineral wealth contained within the mountain. Kevin and the other Directors of Medinah deserve the gratitude of shareholders for bringing us back from the precipice. I know I’m thankful for having better days ahead to look forward to. I’d like to see AURYN announcing further details that clear up “certain issues that are still pending” in the coming quarter. Maybe we can see much less complaining, blaming, and demanding immediate results in this forum. The path is cleared for news about the deposits, exploitation, exploration and profits becoming the topics of the day.


Someone mentioned IHub poster :monkey: having a vendetta against Kevin for his banishment here. All including he should know that Kevin has not made those decisions for us here since he became an officer. ALL of us admins and monitors here UNANIMOUSLY took responsibility/ credit for that! :skull_and_crossbones:


Words can not express what integrity, honesty and perseverance By Kevin Tupper has done to bring back life into this stock that has endured the test of crooks ( JJ and Les Price) and time . I believe we have turned the corner and I thank Kevin for his efforts along with the rest of us. I also wish him the best in his new endeavors!

I just have one question, which I believe still need tending to completely clean house on MDMN’s front once and for all and that is what is happening with the long time standing lawsuit against Medinah, JJ, and Les Price, by Russell Godwin? Has that been settled or is that still on going lawsuit from 2008? Just thinking that needs to be probably dealt with before MDMN can be folded into a distribution of Auryn stock to the shareholders of MDMN directly.


wow, things looking good today.


Yah great volume so far for recent time and some movement :slight_smile: Though still only $2k in trades.

baby steps.

Nice to see some .006’s back up again. How nice would it be if Auryn’s friends and family were given the nod to start averaging down? A guy can dream…


Looking forward to 4th quarter 17 which begins next week. Also, I believe drill season has started.
Hope Auryn has a lot to say already
Thanks Kevin!!!


Good start to the pps since the latest announcement. When was the last time the price went UP on news?


I liked the news - bought up 600,000 end of day. Hoping it was the right move at the right time.


I was thinking the same thing. I can’t remember when. If ever. The pos went up on good news. And now we know why.