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Lots of insider buying at RNX the last couple days:

Yes, I think this company is very well run, they are bringing on some great people who are now investing. Very surprised its under .50 right now but still with everything going on in the world they are holding up quite well, I have been adding to my position daily. GL

Rick Rule’s informal informational video from home location from March 30, 2020:
He discusses the repercussion of CCP Coronavirus in the Gold COMEX market. Towards 47’50” is a discussion on the gold streamers in generalities only, not as recommendations. He mentions that the Top Tier Streamers (WPM, FNV) may have as much as an 80% margin of profit with their income. 2nd Tier, or Hybrid Royalty/Explorer streamers (OR, RGLD) are good, but do not have as great a profit margin as the bigger or best Top Tier. The Tertiary Streaming companies RR mentions as an example are SAND, APS.L and ALS.TO.

Mines Shutting Down, COMEX to Settle in Cash? | Rick Rule

The virus pandemic is not only ravaging our personal lives, but also impacting business globally, causing many mines to cease operations. At the same time, crisis financial interventions are motivating even “Reluctant Preppers” to seek shelter for their funds in precious metals, resulting in a demand spike which is cleaning out the supply chain of physical gold & silver. Rick Rule, CEO of Sprott Asset Management, returns to Liberty and Finance / Reluctant Preppers to answer viewer’s questions at this time of a “Black Swan” event colliding with the top of the credit cycle and unprecedented volatility in the major markets and precious metals.

The 40 year commodity price wedge finally broke: