Auryn/Medinah - 2024 1st Half General Discussion

Its still trading as a buy order showed 450,000 @.0012

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Yes, but not showing a Ask or Bid and no MM’s

Once our guys present a plan to construct the FF plant and a timeline, we’re not gonna have this problem much longer. I guess they’re waiting on the conclusions of the German group. Ought to be interesting, since there seems to be so many potential combinations as to exactly how to process the ore. Per the April update:

“Furthermore, we are eagerly awaiting an additional mining plan from Freiberg University, under the guidance of the esteemed Prof. Dr. Helmut Mischo. Prof. Mischo and his team of experts are currently reviewing an extensive array of data, not only from Fortuna but across the entire Altos de Lipangue mining district. This collaboration is expected to yield innovative insights and strategies to maximize the value and potential of our mining efforts.”


My brokers (Fidelity and Schwab) say it’s because MDMN was moved to Expert Market this am. You can still sell but can’t buy. This has happened once before and was corrected. My question to the group, is there any way to buy shares at this point or is our only option to way until MDMN’s status is restored?

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Wtf now? Jesus


Gold ripping up to new highs!

I was able to get through to management. They are very well aware of what’s going on. All they could say is that “this is a process we are following, and that’s all that can be said for now.”

For those of you that have been active in the securities law arena, you might recognize this first step of intentionally failing to file the mandated disclosures of a given trading venue. It leads to a temporary loss of Medinah liquidity, but in this case it is partially offset by the fact that Medinah shares will be “convertible” into Auryn shares. Note on the OTCMarkets website that Auryn did file their 2023 year end financials on time and their Q-1 of 2024 also on time 2 days ago.


BB thank you! This would’ve been nice to know that they were taking this course of action. It will be harder now for any new investor to purchase shares of MDMN. Aumc is even harder because they only have 5 million shares available to trade. I guess if you’re in now you’re in!


So am I to understand that the long awaited 200/1 may happen sooner than later.

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After the financing has landed, it would be nice for them to publicize the financial forecsating.


Question for brecciaboy…

I will not be surprised or at all offended if you don’t respond to this.

Over the years I have noticed that most people who manage to open a channel with management tend to go silent and/or cryptic pretty quickly. And I understand and can certainly imagine legitimate reasons for that.

But here’s my question:

Can you share with us here, your level of relative confidence in MDMN and AUMC now, as opposed to, say, six weeks or two months ago?

Higher confidence? Lower? About the same? Over-the-top? Reassured? More cautious? Enthusiasm tempered? Anything along those lines?

I’m not asking for any financial or mining details or anything along those lines – I have no need to know those things.

But to me this seems like a reasonable question. It strikes me that the company has stopped using the word bullish in their updates… You?

– madmen


Hey Madmen, fair enough question - and most likely not an issue for BB to answer. But, just connecting the dots from where I’m sitting, BB goes to the trouble of pointing out that MDMN has not filed the required paperwork, and then points out that Auryn has. Both facts public record. Seems to me “something is about to happen” (don’t want to say “soon”, as the SEC might sic the DOJ on me). But, yeah, always love hearing from BB, even if it is a tome. I have them all saved to Word documents. Just read an older one yesterday afternoon, so I’ll be able to explain to my wife (or psychiatrist) that the FF and CIL really did exist, at least in my imagination. My interests are aligned with those of BB - I might be in traction for a year if things don’t work out. Have a good one! And yes, BB, we get lonely for you when we don’t hear from you!


Got this response from mdmn re what happened to trading and status of AUMC shares.
Hi Daniel, currently mdmn is trading on the expert market and it will remain there.

The company announced it will allocate AUMC shares sometime ago, that objective has

not changed , thanks,

What the heck is the expert market??


Prett sure Baldy did his last bit of bashing to establish his position before it went to the Expert Market. It was pretty clear somebody was building a sizeable position right up until it was moved.

*** note from moderator: This is pretty speculative and baldy is not able to respond for a while.
I recommend not reading too much into it.*****


Hi Dentman, thanks for the info! Your question about the ‘expert market’ was recently explained by Done Deal (about 5 days ago).


I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been accumulating AUMC again for about a month. Earlier I was able to get a 7,500 and a 1K share order filled. But the past two weeks it’s like pulling teeth.

I’ve had three different orders in for AUMC, but I could only get the small one for 75 shares to go thru today. And my order for 500 last week was only partially filled for 185 shares. Damn, AUMC is tight.


Why would it remain there? Why they prohibit an investor from buying or selling? The majority here have more shares of MDMN than AUMC. Something is not right…. Why don’t they file the stupid letter so they can re list so we can get a bid and ask?

From :

Warning! This security is eligible for Unsolicited Quotes Only

This stock is not eligible for proprietary broker-dealer quotations. All quotes in this stock reflect unsolicited customer orders. Unsolicited-Only stocks have a higher risk of wider spreads, increased volatility, and price dislocations. Investors may have difficulty selling this stock. An initial review by a broker-dealer under SEC Rule15c2-11 is required for brokers to publish competing quotes and provide continuous market making.

Warning! This security is traded on the Expert Market

The Expert Market® serves broker-dealer pricing and investor best execution needs. Quotations in Expert Market securities are restricted from public viewing. OTC Markets Group may designate securities for quoting on the Expert Market when it is not able to confirm that the company is making current information publicly available under SEC Rule 15c2-11, or when the security is otherwise restricted from public quoting. See additional information about the Expert Market [here] (Understanding the Expert Market - OTC Markets Blog).

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if AUMC is going to be making a significant announcement, the only stock price that is relevant is AUMC. What better way to get the AUMC stock price moving than to stop the trading of MDMN and force investors to buy AUMC on the news.

Remember that MDMN will have to sell a portion of its AUMC holdings to satisfy its debts prior to distributing the shares to individual shareholders. A higher price for AUMC equates to more shares available for distribution.

Stock price appreciation is going to be significantly greater with just AUMC available to buy rather than both MDMN and AUMC.

Buckle up!!


They didn’t file this year intentionally. From what I understand, you can sell, but you cannot buy.
The reason is because MDMN will likely be converted soon.