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Cerro/Medinah/Auryn- 2018 Q1 General Discussion 🌄


The Colla Kananchiari project is the only one I can’t find any info on but is listed as a project or at least drawn on the new Maglas map


Curious what is the date on that article?


I believe it was sometime in October of last year?


Yes…the article was last year around October like Hulkster said


Thanks for the information!


Never seen it before either. This is the first time seeing it.

Maybe we will get some news before this convention

Anybody going?


Baldy said he was going.


Also from the Maglas About Us page:

We are basing our business plan model for an industry recovery starting 2018. At that time we expect to have an advanced stage portfolio of properties, including some producing units.

Apparently they aren’t backing down from this assertion yet. Perhaps more details @ PDAC


The Masglas page lists 9 properties “100% owned by Masglas”. All 9 of these appear at the upper end of the map (yellow flags), with the “Teseo Aquiles” being the farthest south. Los Azules, the recently optioned property from Revelo announced Nov 27, 2017 is also on the eastern side of this grouping of northern properties.

Farther south you have the Altos de Lipangue, Princesa Caballo, and Colla Kananchiari. The Altos claims are contained within Cerro. The PC was mentioned as a potential acquisition by Auryn in that Oct 2017 article. One might speculate that the CK is also an Auryn property (acquired or optioned) although it doesn’t seem to have been mentioned anywhere before by Masglas or Auryn.


Take a look at the new home page at Masglas. Is it a potential major in the making?


MASGLAS - Significant updated homepage:

Thanks WIZ!
The Princesa Caballo is a much larger Property (5700 ha) than I originally identified and located approximately 8-14 KM North of the ADL. The PC is apparently optioned/owned presently by MASGLAS, not AURYN. The smaller area I recently identified as PC that is 2-3 KM North of the ADL is something different, as yet unidentified, but something I believe is still under the control of AURYN (or MASGLAS?). See images below for clarification:

In the panaramic overview of the area note the “unidentified” property in the center left at about the same level as the Caren adit entrance on the lower right of the image. The “unidentified” property above may actually be part of the Western edge of the PC (or Caren claims?) - not enough information to positively identify.


Well we received clarification on the property ownership stuff making clear Masglas owns / options everything except for the ADL:

MASGLAS has several JV mining options and is the controlling owner of Auryn Mining Chile. Auryn Mining Chile owns 95% of the public company Cerro Dorado, Inc. (CDCH), whose sole asset is the Alto de Lipnague Mining district.

But they also removed the 2018 production comment … so looks like a walk back on that topic. Perhaps they will have more to say at PDAC


It may well be the “we expect to have an advanced stage portfolio of properties” phrase that was dismissed and some producing units are still in the near term. It may just be a case of better to say nothing until it can be reported. As you say, let’s see if anything comes out of PDAC. We should at least see something when Cerro files the Annual or next Quarterly Report.


Masglas doesn’t seem to have a source of revenue so it is a unclear how they are going to pay for development of their properties. Don’t appear to have any JV"s with a Major either. Hopefully, the Caren/Fortuna mines will be pumping out cash for their shareholders including Masglas near time.


The 3 maps on the Masglas site have been updated to reflect the ownership clarification, showing Masglas properties only (note CDCH and Auryn were removed in the legend and the ADL was removed). Additionally a 4th map was added (or retained) which is the previous map including Auryn, CDCH, and the ADL


Anyone know what company representatives will be at the convention?


Maybe the same who where at the Chile Explore Congress?


Does anyone think there is a chance we might get any significant news from PDAC next week? Is anyone else going besides Baldy? I assume he will give us a thorough update…


have we ever? Only hope is Baldy getting us good info from it thats my hopes. I hate where I put myself and cant believe after a decade Im hoping to break even


Exactly! we never have and I don’t understand why all the hush? They take the time to put crap on all 3 websites come and visit us at the PDAC but have not updated their shareholders since Dec.15.! Last year they went to different mineral conferences and didn’t post anything on the website, we had to read it through an online magazine. They have hired all these people (Geo’s, Managers, directors, etc…) what they need to do is hire a PR to communicate with their shareholders and the outside world!