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Cerro/Medinah/Auryn- 2018 Q1 General Discussion 🌄


Looking through the PDAC website exhibitors list, Auryn mining is listed as the exhibitor rather than Masglas. This is encouraging since AMC’s primary asset is the ALTO and would appear to be the focus at the conference.

Also, AMC is only one of two companies with mining operations in Chile who are exhibiting.


I guess we are all starving for that “gold nugget” of information. Perhaps we will finally get it next week at the PDAC…


Looks like Dante is now at the conference:


Exhibit hall opened 10:00 am ET this morning. Hoping a cat comes out of the bag


The Wiz had put up a survey to see how interested shareholders and members of this board are at keeping this site up and running, disappointing that we only had 134 responses, not disappointed at the 94% that want’s to keep things going at least until the completion of the conversion to CDCH. I agree that there maybe some need for those on this board to swap ideas to make sure the conversion into accounts goes somewhat smooth, not to mention the interest in the properties and other things that do get past along that helps the time go by.
One thing is since our daily member count is low please go to some of the site’s provided by our host, this keeps the costs down to a minimum. We have been lucky so far that we haven’t been asked for much, so keep up the good work and even if you don’t buy from the site’s we still get credit for you viewing them…

Thanks to all…


those numbers tell you the burn out rate pus those that are sill very interested.


Nice to see the Alto on display on a poster at least for a change!


So happy not to see sleazy Les Price anymore


Show them the heading of that tweet:

Show time!! @the_PDAC @MasglasLimited


Does anybody know who they guy in the middle is and the two beautiful females?


What seems strange is that CDCH is going to consolidate and change tickers so the story goes, if that is the case why does Masglas and Auryn have that humongous poster with all three names on it when CDCH is going to become obsolete soon? (or maybe not?).



Hope John came with some lined paper full of questions to ask these guys.


See Tweet below. Hopefully great news for Masglas translates into something of value for Auryn/Cerro/Medinah.

18 minutes ago

Last day of @the_PDAC 2018. It was a great convention. Good news for @MasglasLimited and our projects. Soon great and promising news in


I never heard back from Maurizio so I decided to find him on the floor. Didn’t have time to visit the exhibitor floor until Tuesday. Turned out their booth was only there for Sunday/Monday so I missed them. If I had been fortunate enough to meet with Maurizio I don’t believe I would have been rewarded with much more than a friendly conversation. I’m fairly confident the company is NOT withholding any information regarding production, etc. Like many/most miners at the conference this is a company working on a shoe-string budget. Without a capital infusion investors should not expect leaps and bounds. I would have liked to discuss financing options (gold loan, stream, etc.) but I guess that will have to wait until we connect over the phone.


If they are on a shoe string budget, why are they buying up more properties?


I agree with this scenario. It’s quite clear that Maurizio has been looking to promote MASGLAS and AURYN to the international market and an eventual goal is likely to list AURYN next on the OTCQB and then up to the OTCQX to have exposure on international exchanges. AURYN is still the most advanced and visible project in the portfolio of mining properties.

At PDAC networking and securing funding is the name of the game. Private placement will fund the development of selected projects with MASGLAS. With AURYN, I would be surprised if AURYN were doing anything more than alerting potential investors of the nature and potential of the ADL. This is in preparation of having the reorganization/consolidation of CDCH completed with free trading shares on the market. It is essential that MDMN shareholders have their stake in AURYN shares converted into CDCH shares and distributed into individual shareholders accounts. There should be extensive promotion prior to this occurring to stimulate liquidity.


Thanks Baldy! I guess we’ll find out here soon when the 4th quarter Financials come out which should be soon unless they ask for an extension


What are they paying for those properties? Or, asked another way, how much did they pay for ours?


John, they just packed up their booth late this morning as the show closed at noon. I’m not sure what you’re talking about re: the booth only being their Sunday / Monday.

MC reached out to you per my request (and copied me on Sunday.) He texted and called your number. He was available. I know you had other things going on too, so I think your characterization may be a little unfair or inaccurate.

I am out of the conversation now…but since I was the one setting up the introduction and MC won’t comment on here, I thought it appropriate to address both sides.