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Cerro/Medinah/Auryn- 2018 Q1 General Discussion 🌄


They were not at the booth (based on the number provided on the website) when I went there on Tuesday morning. Pretty sure I went to the right spot but who knows. I don’t know what I’m being unfair about. Half the companies only go on Sun/Mon and then rotate for another group of co’s on Tuesday. As far as MC calling or texting me. It never happened. Honestly, I really don’t care. I was just trying to let people know that I wasn’t able to connect with him as there were some expectations built into the event. No knock on MC.


Texting…Calling…Reaching out… Enough already…Can’t we just get an update from Auryn? Thanks for trying Baldy…


Kevin, you and MC have a good relationship. How about asking him when are the shareholders going to be updated as to what’s going on with CDCH and the mountain? TIA


In our 4th and last day of @the_PDAC…great team packing our information banners. Thanks to all our team for this 4 days of effort, commitment and support. @MasglasLimited


Dante Conetta

15h15 hours ago
Last day of @the_PDAC 2018. It was a great convention. Good news for @MasglasLimited and our projects. Soon great and promising news in


Great for Masglas! How about CDCH and the Alto??


Well…the next step should be that Masglas announces a new JV mining and/or financing partner that they had obtained previously or less likely they just drafted an agreement with somebody at the PDAC conference. If they keep the various mines at the Alto separate(Caren/Fortuna/LDM), it could make sense to have a partner that covers the whole umbrella of properties. Until then, without an obvious source of funding, it is hard to get too excited about this moving forward any faster than the snail’s pace we have experienced thus far under Auryn.


If we really want to know what’s going on with MDMN / CDCH / Auryn / Maglas, I will bet $100 that if we raised $3,000 among us (I would not be willing to be the central organizer, but will kick in $100 if something like this gets off the ground) we could pay a Chilean mining journalist to get some answers for us.

Below is an off-the-cuff sample letter that I’ve drafted after a five-minute online search. Here is a (by no means complete) cross-section of journalists for hire in Santiago:

Here is an example of what our letter might say:

Dear ______,

We are a group of shareholders in two companies that control extensive mining claims just outside of Santiago, and we appreciate that you have knowledge of and contacts in the Chilean mining industry.

Most of us shareholders have long-term investments of many thousands of dollars in two specific companies: Medinah Minerals (MDMN) and Cerrado Dorado (CDCH).

MDMN and CDCH are both controlled by larger mining entities named Auryn and Maglas, which over this past weekend shared a booth at the ________ conference.

The management of Auryn and Maglas have apparently been under a “cone of silence” for many months. We investors are feeling uninformed and nervous. Auryn and Maglas say they are in negotiations regarding the properties that we shareholders have invested in, but they have not responded to our requests for ongoing updates.

We shareholders are willing to pay you to research the situation and privately provide answers to specific questions regarding our investments.

For instance:

— The main value of MDMN and CDCH lies almost entirely in the Alto de Lipangue mining district, which encompasses more than 10,000 hectares in the mountains just slightly northwest of Santiago, on a plateau easily visible to the naked eye from downtown Santiago. Is this project widely-known in Chilean mining circles, and what sort of reputation does it have?

— Do you see any red flags or other reason for alarm with the company’s current ownership? The previous ownership of MDMN and CDCH were thoroughly corrupt, and resoundingly lost several recent court cases — we believe our new ownership (Auryn and Maglas) is above board, but we are concerned by their silence.

— Can you determine if Auryn and Maglas are in joint venture talks with other large miners? If so, which ones?

— Can you determine what state of progress those talks are in?

— (Plus whatever other questions we folks would want answered, etc…)

We can pay you $1,500 in advance and another $1,500 upon satisfactory delivery of the information.


The folks at

Again, I do not have the energy to organize this right now (just my $100), but I thought it worth tossing out there.

Love your thoughts, my fellow folks at

— madmen


Thanks madmen! Pretty sad we have to try get answers from outside sources, but I appreciate your efforts. Like one shareholder stated it feels like Groundhog Day all over again. I’m a business owner and all be damned if I do this to my customers when they need answers. Sorry, but I’ll call it the way I see it. Prove me wrong MC and the rest of the BOD. You have a fiduciary responsibility to answer your shareholders.


Perhaps they do not have anything worthwhile to report. While accumulating a potential impressive portfolio of Mining claims they seem to not have the resources to advance any of their projects. Including the ADL and conversion of shares. Waiting for a sugar daddy. Hence the PDAC. Until some sort of financing is in place I doubt we hear a word.


What would be the point of promoting the ADL properties (primarily MDMN shareholders) now? All value is locked up in the restricted CDCH share structure awaiting distribution to Medinah. We have an expected time frame when the restriction should be lifted. Without a Declaration Date for the eventual conversion to take place there is no anticipation of the all important Record Date for MDMN shareholders. The NOBO list of MDMN shareholders needs to be ordered for this date. Distribution to individual shareholder accounts should necessarily occur coincident with the Payment Date which differs from the Record Date. Payment Date may be well after the Date of Record. In the months ahead additional required information will occur in OTC released reports.

Actually, won’t this be a carefully timed two-three step process? Do we know when AURYN will release the restricted CDCH shares to Medinah (the corporation)? This should be telegraphed well before we have news of any Declaration Date or Date of Record. These 3 dates of importance (Declaration, Record & Distribution) can be separated by a month or more. Expect promotion in earnest to occur as news of these dates are released. Most importantly, the Payment Date for the dividend distribution should not occur until after the restriction on CDCH shares is finalized. Does anyone see a different process for distributing CDCH shares to individual MDMN shareholders?


everyone go ahead and take the weekend off.



I VERY strongly disagree with this notion.

A Promotion needs to have a well thought plan that is executed over a long period of time. Now would be a good time to start.

If for some reason, they haven’t actually accomplished anything lately…it would be easy to guess why. Lack of promotion has lead to a lack of good financing options.


Right on, Drifter! As you said earlier in the year: “Auryn has an excellent track record of disclosing material information PRECISELY WHEN NECESSARY. no more no less.” After the last three years of extensive information being released we are paused until CDCH can be transformed into a vehicle worthy of the market. This will entail right sizing the share structure, renaming the company, and leaving the Les legacy far behind in the rear view mirror. AURYN has had a year to digest Dr. Sillitoe’s review of exploration data and the evaluation report prepared after his three day tour of the property. Promoting their mining plan without ample funding and relying on day trading shares in the sub-penny pink-sheet company (i.e. MDMN) in which AURYN has shares is not a plan for success. Long term careful planning has necessarily adapted to the circumstances that have severely hampered progress this past year.

There are few ways to monetize the work and equipment needed for exploitation until this share structure and name change transformation takes place. It’s rather pointless to promote a private company other than to line up private placement investors for selected projects. This is what MASGLAS was primarily doing at PDAC for the MASGLAS portfolio of properties, IMO.

In addition, any private placements for shares in our publicly traded company, CDCH (95% AURYN), will await the share restructuring and accompanying renaming of the company. Potential institutional grade investors won’t be interested in buying up shares in a pink sheet company with nearly 3B shares outstanding, or in the case of CDCH 7B, and whose assets are wrapped up in restricted shares. The mechanism for adequately funding future exploitation on the ADL claims is in a properly structured “new” company operating in the open market with timely reports of progress.


Sometime ago, they were talking about early production, 5,000 ounces in 2016, and 25,000 ounces in 2017. I don’t think that disappeared just because of litigation delays. It seems to me these same opportunities would be there - what happened to that?

  Dante Conetta‏ @DanteConetta

Mar 7

Why don"t we just wait for the posting of the " Soon great and promising news in Masglas limited "

Last day of @the_PDAC 2018. It was a great convention. Good news for @MasglasLimited and our projects. Soon great and promising news in


I agree the only problem before full production back in November were the chimneys. And I’m sure that money was not a problem for the chimneys considering the advancement they had made on the Caren. So what is going on Mr. Cordova? please update your shareholders.


I expect a convention debrief " next week":joy:


Good Luck !!!


Can someone give me the size of the bid/ask on mdmn today
my TDameritrade account somehow gets screwed up from time to time
Here’s what I’m being shown
bid/ask .0030/.0033
size bid/ask 66650000x205370000

Also says I’ve made 4K today, which I clearly haven’t. I’m not sure what’s up with it right now.