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Cerro/Medinah/Auryn- 2018 Q1 General Discussion 🌄


Well said Rich. I always appreciate your comments during what some consider a rain storm. Spring is indeed here and we should see the flowers blooming…yes even for CDCH in due time. The rest is just the leaves rustling from the winter storms that are now BEHIND us.


Thanks very much for the “likes” and comments. I suspect that there is a silent group who thinks me irresponsible or perhaps stupid for not caring about the investment, but that’s not actually the case. I do care about the outcome here, especially considering what I invested, but, for reasons that are only based on an intangible feeling, I don’t have concerns about what’s going on with the companies. I have trusted that feeling through all of the years of questionable and curious behaviors from JJ and Les, so it’s a lot easier to trust it now.

Take care folks!


Is the general consensus there is still a premium buying mdmn at .003? I do not hear it being discussed anymore. I guess at this point in time it is a moot point…


This was posted today over on Ihub can anyone verify if this is true

It has been brought to my attention by another shareholder that the taxes on the Alto de Lipangue have yet to be paid. My research has proved the rumor to be correct. The website, “Boletín Oficial deMinería” (, search in “Otras publicaciones”, "Nómina Concesiones para Remate) list mining properties for Judicial Tax Sales”. The Alto, (Gordon 1/31, 61/118), along with several other properties including the Caren, and Fortuna, Las Dos Marías 1-30, still have unpaid property taxes. It is my understanding that unless the taxes on the Alto are paid on or before March 27th, 2018 the property will go up for public auction to satisfy the unpaid property taxes.


Now that would be truly a shame! After all these years with all the bs we all have been through with this. Some major sitting in the background watching waiting picks it up at a tax sale!
I doubt it will happen but hey who knows…we don’t have anyone on the board to turn to anymore. As the stomach turns, the story continues.


Maybe we should wait longer and find out at the end we have nothing left. Its strange that some find it “bitching” when someone is inquiring what has happened to their investment? I say email them and ask them to give the shareholders an update (taxes paid?) the more emails the more pressure. Don’t you thing it’s worth your investment? I personally have sent them a few emails.


Why do I recall that JJ initially acquired a lot of these claims himself by purchasing them at tax sale? To say the least, it would be a very ironic turn of events if he purchased them at tax sale once again. Under the laws of most states here in the United States, there is a redemption period after a tax sale in which the owner can pay the taxes, plus a generous interest rate, to get the property back - and in some states one must go to court to confirm the sale even after the redemption period runs. Here, however, we are dealing with Chile …


could someone post the email addresses we should use to inquire about whether the taxes have been paid


KMT would be able to ask


the email is on the Cerro website.


I imagine the property taxes are billed and paid quarterly and yes there is probably some grace period. For example my next quarterly property taxes are due on May 1st and I have a 9 day grace period without any interest charge and then interest accumulates at 9%. I always wait to the 10th and pay my taxes on that date.

BTW I could not open the link on the web site: “Otras publicaciones”, "Nómina Concesiones para Remate


Another thing to consider is that the property now belongs to CDCH and they should be filing and paying the taxes. I just hope when they did the asset transfer they also transfer some cash for CDCH to pay bills and that the tax payments were up to date on the transfer!


Note…that kinda of crap comes up every few years for the last 20. It is usually basher types that so love to point this out.

Taxes are paid when they are due on the claims and not before. You are able to defer the payment for a couple of years. That is when they are normally paid. The fact they purportedly haven’t been paid yet is also normal. Note also that any online Chilean database is almost always out of date as well so I wouldn’t rely on that as your source of information.


Whether the status of the mining concession is a pedimento, manifestacion or mensura the concession holder has a full 12 month grace period to pay the taxes after making the “late list”. Any mining firm with a scintilla of fiscal responsibility would pay their taxes right before that grace period ends.


I think that’s a reasonable conclusion, as long as penalties and interest do not attach.


What Mike and Bboy said. Wizard trusts Cordova to do what is needed, they have a big investment in this. They wouldn’t go to all the trouble of swapping shares and property and then do something that stupid. Remember we are dealing with experienced pros now, silent or not.


A few people contacted me privately about taxes today.

  1. Why would ANYONE EVER believe an anonymous poster from IHUB?

  2. Forget everything you think you know about the properties and doing business in Chile or anything related to this investment f it is based on any data, information, or conversations with people other than AURYN. I do mean everything. That goes for anything speculated about by TMP’s own in-house geological gurus.

  3. Remember constantly that the former prices were based on lies and deceit and had no basis in reality whatsoever.

  4. Remember that the project is completely under control of MASGLAS / CDCH, But that doesn’t mean everyone is pleased with that. There are still people who lie and deceive and like to cause trouble. And for whatever reason there are still people who are addicted to the lies and deceit and still contact the distributors of such and repeat the garbage.

  5. Echo TraderRich’s comments.


Kevin I have a lot of respect for you, but this garbage can all be avoided if the company will be transparent with the shareholders. It’s that simple!


I disagree. You and others have made unfortunate comments and asked questions about even the most clear and straightforward announcements.

What may help is if people understood mining and investing. I ask, what have you done to learn about mining and investing rather than asking the others to interpret every announcement. (Not just you, specifically, but you everyone.)

The reality is that many of the investors on here are penny stock gamblers that know little about mining or investing, let alone mining investing.

My suggestion is the company make material announcements only while they execute their business plan. Let the shareholder base turn over naturally while they do so as they speak to a different audience through things like PDAC.

Dante and Maurizio have a plan and it doesn’t involve milking shareholders through fraud / mass issuance of stock. Had they wanted to be self-serving, they would have buried the Medinah and Cerro shareholders long ago. Literally we had NOTHING to stand on thanks to JJ and LP.

Cerro/Medinah/Auryn- 2018 Q2 General Discussion ⛰

Don’t you think this statement is being a bit generous toward JJ & LP? I do. :wink:

Couldn’t agree more with your post, and I’m one of the dummies in regards to mining and investing in mining companies.