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Instead of re-posting all my work here, let me know if anyone interested can go to this link and see my latest chart posts…

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Thanks Rich. As I’ve said previously, that 4-hour chart on Novo is ripe for a reversal…textbook in fact. I hope I didn’t just jinx it…LOL.


I don’t think you jinxed it Rick. I think someone already did that, so now maybe we’re un-jinxing it!


disregard this post

I’ll post a chart for NVO and NSRPF Sometime today.


This is a daily interval chart for NVO. For now I’m keeping it simple and focused on one particular potential, that being an inverted head and shoulders formation. If the formation fails I’ll put my attention on other things. I’ve market the left shoulder, head, and potential for the right shoulder. We want 2.15 to remain support or at least for the price not to drift much lower than that for the formation to remain legit. Then we want a move back up to the black neckline and from there a breakout, filling the gap between 2.59 and 2.73, the two pink horizontal lines. The target price for this formation is at 3.13, which will also likely be right around those two moving averages NVO will need to eventually push through as well. If I see more worth posting about I’ll do so as time permits.