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MDMN - 2016-04-25 Weekly Discussion

@Baldy given that a TO seems to be the most likely end game (or for that matter even if it’s not) I would imagine Auryn will want to get their hands on more MDMN shares once the true value of the asset is ascertained. With that in mind, and given that some Pennies (as mdmn had in the past) can run beyond fair value, wouldn’t Auryn be incentivized to release only the bare minimum required until they find a path to control? Or in other words, why would they release more than necessary and run the price up which would be to their disadvantage? I couldn’t find anything in the contract that outlines much in the way of compulsory release of info.



It’s a fair question that I don’t really know the answer to. AMC will not have any mandatory disclosure requirements as a private company and I’m not depending on our existing BOD staying on top of them for constant news flow. But, you have to keep in mind that AMC and, more importantly, friends of AMC are significant shareholders so there’s a counterbalance between AMC’s wanting to be able to control or tender for MDMN on the cheap and their desire to see returns on their holdings.

Lastly, the answer to your question also depends on when our existing BOD changes (for the better) with the shady operators being replaced by credible ones. I’m anticipating this will occur on or before the shareholder meeting. A new BOD will inevitably lead to better disclosure.


“A new BOD eill inevitably lead to better disclosure.”

No it will not. Any new BOD will be faced with the same substantive issues, including but not limited to AMC’s limitations on such disclosure. Our existing BOD wants full disclosure just as much as we do, as they own shares just like we do. Your hate for these men makes you less than objective, which is detrimental to balanced discourse.


All smiles here…the much maligned BOD I believe was particularly successfully this go around in Chile.

We will see above 2 cents this coming week and at the least the start of the flow of information we have been waiting so long for.


I’m not going to clutter the board with another back and forth this weekend. Cognizant of the fact that your head may literally explode. However, I’ll let you in on a little secret. There’s an entire blog describing a meeting with the CEO of AMC. When the writer of said blog tells you (us) that there is/was no NDA in place it probably makes sense to weigh this information over another source, based in Vancouver that has a decade long history of misleading folks, like yourself. The same can be said for any discussion related to money up front, auxiliary agreements, early dividend opportunities, etc. (vs. what writer of said blog and public updates from AMC clearly state). Thankfully, we won’t have to continue this “discourse” much longer as the upcoming release from AMC (not MDMN) should put many of these notions to rest. .

I have no hate for this BOD nor anybody on this board. My comments/criticism of the BOD all lead to how, IMO, the collective shareholder base can get the best return on this very challenging investment. My comments/criticism of posters like yourself are selfishly for my own entertainment value. It’s just too easy.


Maybe there will also be a resolution to the complete acquisition of shares from those five private parties.


Do you know if Juan did his share we should see news Monday.

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… and that should be the goal of the majority of comments shared on this forum. Useful information and speculation is important to shareholders, useless information and warrantless speculation … not so much. :slight_smile:

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Translated: the 27th time was a charm.

Always keep in mind that news of any kind from Medinah comes out painfully slow…news from Auryn even slower. As we have seen in previous trips, they limit details or don’t put out news at all until everything has been properly filed with gov’t agencies etc. Since they continue doing business till almost the last hour they are in Chile, these things don’t happen generally till the following week. They also use that time to actually write the press releases.

I think if we start to see buying materialize in the market this coming week, take it as a very good sign.


This is probably pointless but I obviously sometimes still can’t help myself… Bubba, you might not think so but the quote above could be directly applied to you in regards to Baldy. Much of the time it appears as though you read his posts with the specific purpose of finding something to jump on him about which, not so ironically, you accuse him of doing to management. Yes, John has long since made his point about management, and so have you about John. It would be nice to move on from seeing these kinds of posts but I’m doubtful since you seem to get as much enjoyment out of being angry at John as he does from prodding you into your frenzied responses.

The best way to end an argument is to stop arguing.

Ok I’m done. Carry on…


Welcome back TR…Are you excited about the “potential” fireworks in the next few weeks? Or at least trading above .02…

OK, if BE will stop insulting posters on this board, he will never hear from me again.

Good luck with that.

It puzzles me that people cannot really see the source of this problem.

I could say that it puzzles me that you perceive that there is a problem, except that I understand that you do because you’re too busy playing a role in keeping it alive to be able to see outside of that. If one of you were to stop then the (non-existent) problem goes away. He just told you in a post that he enjoys provoking you into this.

I think you put too much importance on what gets posted here, (as apparently I do since I chose to jump into this again). The posts don’t matter. If a “serious investor” is going to come here to do their main DD for investment purposes then they’re not serious. This is nothing more than a playground for bored and concerned shareholders to mostly sit around mentally masturbating until the price gets high enough for most of them to bail. That’s what the board before this was, and the one before that and the one before that ad nauseum.

Anyway I’ve effectively got my part of it out of my system again. You guys carry on however you choose.


Thanks, although I never really left, just chose to re-prioritize my time. I don’t spend any time on mssg boards for any of my other stock investments. It doesn’t make sense for me to be any different with this one, although I do check in occasionally to see if anyone has anything useful to offer.

I’m not keeping up with the short term stuff anymore. Whatever comes or doesn’t come next week is what it is. I’m not anticipating anything that I would consider fireworks. I still believe this is a very long term, multiple year investment… until or unless something occurs to change that perspective.

I hope all are well and enjoying life. :slight_smile:


Well said!!

Unless we have a TO as early as 2017, this is a few years investment that in my opinion, given enough time to uncover the treasure the mountain holds, will considerably appreciate,

Unless an unexpected tragedy strikes, I don’t plan to die any time soon and if we get some dividends, waiting is gonna be even pleasurable.




Nothing pleasurable about waiting even more for this thing to increase in value. But I think you’re right, it’s going to be a while before we see any significant appreciation.

So, is everyone in agreement that it is most likely, that we will trade at these levels for quite awhile? Maybe just a small bump, with a finalized agreement? Part of me believes Auryn will not be opening up the floodgates of information, until they have acquired all the shares they intend to own. That only makes common sense, as they would prefer to pay as little as possible, for the remainder of desired shares…

Mangel No one knows where we will be at. We could hit .10 next week with this stock we just don’t know