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MDMN - 2016-04-25 Weekly Discussion


When you look at how the price ran on the A and B deals and where its at today while the property is about to be mined, its pretty obvious the price has been suppressed.
Why is the bigger question
Also, it appears we’re about to hear the MOU. has converted into a signed deal
IMO. the price should start to reflect actual value when we start learning more about what 25 percent is a part of
I’m still of the belief there is an enormous short position which will show itself if a cash dividend is going to be distributed.
If great details are released, trading will be with many more than MP shareholders. (I hope)


At this point our investment must attract new investors with deep pockets. We are all tapped out. If we have a solid deal in place, fresh money will not mind waiting several years for a very healthy return. Our problem is, we were all way too early to the party, and for many of us, it is just time to go home…


There is a new shareholder update on the Medinah website about last week meetings. Shareholder meeting Oct.1st. That should be right around the time we will be be voting on a TO…Book those flights!!!

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MDMN - 2016-05-02 Weekly Discussion

Kevin what’s your thoughts on why Goodin will be joining the Auryn board?

MDMN - 2016-05-02 Weekly Discussion

Thank you, Kevin on your insistance of having a MDMN shareholder on AMC’s Board.


I share your same sentiment. The pleasurable part is only if we get divs while waiting…


Time to throw away the history books a New Chapter has been written!

We should start seeing some buying this coming week as this news starts to hit home.

Congrats to my fellow longs who have put up with the crap over the many years but it’s time now to make some money.

Have a good weekend!


100% agree. The ball is almost entirely in AMC’s court. The only remaining risk is further dilution on our new “holding company.” Appropriate representation/removal of the exiting BOD will neutralize that risk. As long as our sharecount remains sub 1.5 billion our 25% of AMC can translate to real value but we absolutely must avoid the preferred issuance that cost us so much following the 2012 SHM.

I think it’s safe to say there is a group of shareholders (including AMC) with “eyes wide open”, representing a controlling interest, that will NOT let that happen again.


It doesn’t matter what was written after this…I can say most likely not.


I’m waiting for them to inform us what they’re hoping to accomplish during the fall winter season, which we’re just entering now!


Maybe a snapshot of what to expect at tomorrow’s SHM in SLC regarding early gold production on Merlin and Fortuna claims. Should be hearing some preliminary news of what’s going on, IMO.


I’ve been an avid proponent of this for several years. NOBO/OBO list and Broadridge is what is needed.


Agreed that further dilution would be a bad thing, but wasn’t that the one that got us to 100% ownership of Medinah Chile, doubling our ownership and control without doubling our outstanding?


I think you are mixing up Auryn restructuring Medinah

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