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MDMN - 2016-04-25 Weekly Discussion

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Some of the more common reasons for not opening this forum to the general public any time soon are self-evident, IMO. The moderators have a tough enough time handling the drifters from iHub as it is!:smiling_imp:


America Corp., is a Chilean company dedicated to business and services
in the mining industry, focused on the acquisition, exploration and
financing of mining projects. Recently innovating in the field of information management and environmental management means-legal in Chile. Through the acquisition and representation of software adquisicón addition,
exploration and financing
of mining projects,
company accounts
SIGAL software, System
Environmental-Legal Management,
which is marketed through
Company SIGAL Chile.
SIGAL (Legal System of Environmental-Management), which is marketed through the company SIGAL Chile. This software was developed in Peru and is used by large mining companies since 2006.
the field of mining business, MASGLAS is betting on the growth of
mineral exploration in Chile, with a different and more suited to the
current market context strategy, capitalizing directly from its founding
partners, and through a policy of managing resources more efficient. MASGLAS has a multidisciplinary team of top professionals with
extensive experience in the mining industry, in areas such as
environmental law, economic geology, logistics, mining engineering,
information technology, administration and finance.
The company currently controls over 45,000 hectares of mining property
in 12 projects, mainly focused on Gold, Copper and Molybdenum,
positioned along Chile, being MASGLAS the driver in all of them and in
some, its sole shareholder.
most advanced project is located in the Santiago area, and after
several years of work and effort, has managed to consolidate a block of
more than 10,000 hectares of mining property under the project called
Altos de Lipangue, controlled by a company MASGLAS group called AURYN Mining Chile SpA.
de Lipangue has shown enormous potential for mining exploration, and
parallel the opportunity for small-scale mining in high grade veins of
gold content. In turn, AURYN is contemplating making a aggressive drilling program
in a porphyry copper target with geological features and similar to
other deposits in the same metallogenic as Llahuin Gaza and Andacollo
At the same time, MASGLAS is advancing in the exploration of 9 mining
projects recently acquired from First Quantum Minerals Chile.
As for the foreseeable future, the company is optimistic of an
improvement in prices of raw materials from 2018, which will be a need
to incorporate new projects to the market to be exploited economically
viable short-medium term resources.
MASGLAS is true to its ethical principles, acting with determination and perseverance that undoubtedly will lead to success.


This is rich. Just to confirm. Bubbles, do you still think there is an upfront cash payment included in this deal?

I’m sure Les is making a last ditch effort to stay relevant by convincing naive shareholders (for the upteenth time) that there is a cash payment (just like there were “auxiliary” agreements) but, at some point, you guys need to hold onto some remaining dignity and follow what is being released by AMC. The con men are almost out of the picture. This is a good thing.

Despite endless debates on the following:

There is no free carried interest (royalty) on production.
The $100M was never scaleable.
There were no auxiliary agreements.
There was no NDA.
AMC was never going to trust our BOD with $100M cash infusion.

For those who helplessly held onto these arguments (Doc, Bubbles, etc.) the definitive docs should finally allow the discussion on this board to evolve into a more constructive dialogue re: progress on the mountain and what that means for our share price/ultimate exit.


This dude gets it. Thanks.

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Can someone please who speaks to Lester Cut & Paste this post from John and email it to him.

We need to tell Lester No Mas por favor

Great Post John Thank you!

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Anytime you’d be inclined to provide DOCUMENTARY evidence of your assertions. You really must do better.


Please hold YOURSELF to any and all standards you demand of others. YOU simply-yet-consistently spout unsupported rumors that have continually been proven FALSE!

You really must do better…


Why do you continue to lie? Do you think people are that stupid? The cite you provided says NOTHING about ANY of your assertions. For example, and I’ll give you an easy one, where does it say there is no free carried interest? If you had even an ounce of integrity … well, never mind.

I think most will be pleasantly surprised or at least satisfied on what comes out of the business in Chile this week.

Today is the big day regarding the Juan/Claro share issue. How it will turn out is a toss up. If Juan gives up his shares, I would expect a nice near term boost to the share price.


Why do you continue to lie? Do you think people are that stupid? The laughable opinions you provided offer NOTHING in the way of FACTS about ANY of your assertions. For example, and I’ll give you an easy one, where does it say there is a free carried interest? If you had even an ounce of integrity … well, never mind.


MG if this info is coming from Les or his group of liars I will not believe it until Auryn puts this out. Now on the other hand if its coming from Auryn group then this is great news.

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Anyone here think we might be close enough to reading what is actually in the contract to stop the name calling, at least until we can start arguing over what it means? :relaxed:

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No. I don’t think “everybody” is stupid. The “cite” I provided specifically states that MDMN will own an EQUITY stake in AMC. This language is consistent with the previously provided contract, which has since been reworked. There is no comparing a free carried interest, or royalty, to equity. None. I’m not arguing that many of the upfront costs may or will be paid by AMC at no cost or dilution to MDMN but when it comes to discussing near-term production, dividends, leveraging disconnects, or FCI our equity ownership in AMC is not relevant. This concept is beyond basic for the even most rudimentary of analysis and represents an important “first step” in understanding how to value this investment.

I don’t blame anyone for believing in Les once or twice (“fool me once” shame on you) but after a decade of this charade I’m flabbergasted that there are still people hanging on his words. Stupid is as stupid does.


directly from the AURYN Projects presentation:

At least three Merlin veins were recognized.
Merlin 1 is the southern extension of the Caren Mine.
Trenching discovered the structural system of Merlin 1 vein up to 1.8 km to the SE.

Definitely pleasantly surprised or at least satisfied, 2016 is a turning point for those invested here!

Mike…Could you elaborate at all, about the JJ share fiasco being resolved? As always, we all understand these are strictly your own opinions, based on your due diligence. That would be wonderful if we could put that issue to rest. Even a partial fill, would be a very positive move in the right direction…I think…

Again, I think what you fail to understand is people can CALL anything what they want, but until one learns the substance of the relationship (officially) then you really don’t know anything. For example, you just admitted Auryn is paying some of the expenses here- is that consistent with an equity interest? NO. I can go around saying I’m your illegitimate half sister - does that make it so? Maybe you should take the Wizard’s advice which he doesn’t like living by and just stay in the realm of black and white, as you obviously have mental issues when somebody has the stones to call your lies out.

Some people never learn. And to be clear, that person is YOU!