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Medinah/Auryn - 2019 - 4th Quarter General Discussion

Hey, I did the same thing as far as buys. Ain’t buying a single share.
PS - Gold to $2000-4000 only chance imo

No one out there got anything to say from the company? No way of co tasting these mutts? This is down right disgusting to behave this way! F$&k them all


Don’t worry George you will hear from the company soon with a Christmas blessing to you and your family.

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The Hochschild deal was inked in December, 2018.

We therefore have a lovely FIVE YEARS of lack of progress and communication to look forward to - this is just Year #1.

Well, I’m the one who got myself into this … mess. When you’re relying on the efforts of others to proceed, you can feel pretty helpless sometimes. Motivation is the key. I wonder how we could motivate these folks. Weren’t there other properties that we could monetize? Syphoning out flood water seems like … an excuse to not proceed. Just saying.

Les’s BS made price go up
Current BS makes it go down

not to beat the dead horse deader…

…but you all must realize that the waning positivism of this board is directly correlated to the distance between updates.

merry xmas and happy new year all!

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Hopefully all of us who are whining to ourselves are also sending emails to the company requesting/demanding information. Squeaky wheels get the grease!

The whole reason we invested was the Christmas card. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. Now they haven’t given us one yet! To arms my fellow MDMN-ites! We are nothing without our Christmas card! How dare they! My holiday season is in shambles. Sigh.


lol…The ask is .0006 and nobody is touching it with a 10 foot pole…

Well Tiny Tim, it looks like Mr. Scooge has done it to us, one more year.
But maybe, just Maybe they’ll find a kind spot in themselves, to throw us a lump of coal before the years end.
If not; I will enjoy the other, riches I hold dear,… Health, Family* Friends, and all you guys and gals of the mountain.
My you all enjoy and celebrate your holidays with the same. G.B:


I don’t think it’s Auryn as much as it may be accounting and converting the intricate stock manipulations of “less price”. A conversion nightmare- stock at brokerages, certificates not accepted by brokerage firms, certificates held by deceased family and friends.
Decades of issuing bogus stock, morphing one cusip into another, and another… for LP to gamble, convert to cash, launder to / for associates,potential offshore accounts. A web of deception, forgery and outright lies for decades. ( The stock price always went down on good news, as he issued and sold)
I don’t know about you or those who have since died, but i am paying dearly for my hopeful stupidity.
It would seem IMO- almost impossible to account and convert mdmn to auryn. I actually think they are trying their best to sort out this nightmare created by Les Price and associates.


Irregardless it needs to get done! Period.

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Well stated, Peter. MDMN’s story stock days are long over. There was a lot of legitimate and relevant material to promote because much of the mineralization stories are based on the strong geological facts uncovered. But there was a more relevant fact uncovered that undid this stock. It was a shock that the undisclosed incredibly fraudulent activities of LP nearly doubled the freely trading shares in the market. With nearly 3B shares currently issued MDMN is not a tradable stock. There is no rosy outlook in the near term future. It’s an irony that MDMN is where it is because of an incredibly successful promotion campaign, primarily led by LP. It was promoted to death!

Now, after restructuring and consolidation, AUMC has a reasonably sized share structure, (70 million share authorized), but only 5% of these are tradable in the float. This leaves AUMC awaiting a promotable story to be released that draws interest. There are literally thousands of small PM miners much further along in proving up potential and spending on promotion. A select few of these are doing quite well. Shareholders are aware of the promising past DD done on the ALTO’s geology, but nothing new is coming out of it, yet. There is nothing left to promote. The old story has grown stale. The viability of having an exploitable mineralization is in it’s infancy, and is not being heavily proven up beyond what has already been revealed.

What effect would releasing unrestricted converted AUMC shares and distributing them to current MDMN shareholders have on the PPS of AUMC? Is it strategically wiser to wait until there is a promotable and lucrative event to occur before unrestricting these converted shares?

Why buy now? You can wait and get it cheaper next week.

This thing is headed to .0000. You are better off buying a Power Ball ticket at 300 million to one. Am I correct Wizard?

I think the restricted shares become unrestricted this december. I have no idea what that means for the stock other than more dilution and liquidity for mdmn shareholders. I’m going to wait it out. I see no reason for Horthchild or any other serious mining company to progress until the legal conversions are settled.
Seems like shareholders are reacting to the ghost of L.P. and his bullshit promises ending in a lump of coal. I believe that’s past even if the guy (aka-parasite) is still alive. Dump the ghost and move on.

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Yes, what else can we do.

I haven’t gotten the Auryn Christmas card yet. Is MC going to give us a big FU for the holidays.


Yes, because the more shares the merrier when it gets converted to AURYN shares

It looks like someone is buying for the first time in a long time. Maybe we are seeing MDMN Xmas rally and the bottom in MDMN shares have finally been put in. Yes I know it maybe wishful thinking, but when everyone is jumping ship is usually the time to look for the bottom. I believe the sentiment on MDMN has been the lowest I have seen this last year. especially after we hit triple zeros. Hopefully we will never see triples again. .

Happy Holidays to all and to all a Very Prosperous New Year!