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I guess after 6 years we could start a new thread!

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TR just posted charts on Blackrock Silver on the new charts 2022 thread. Blackrock Silver is one of my larger plays. I posted several times on the old thread that was getting cluttered up. Blackrock Gold (BRC.V, BKRRF) Closed a C$10.35 Million Bought Deal Public Offering on Feb 19, 2021 and another one in Nov. Blackrock Closes C$7.0 Million Private Placement Led By A C$2.0 Million Investment From First Majestic Silver

There’s a twitter site that is quite active with good info for anyone interested:

The Tax Loss season is over for last year. PM stocks were mostly down this past year. There are expectations by some experts that we may see gains of 20% on PMs in 2022. If this plays out, you may want to look at some favorite stocks I have positions. I may increase positions on some of these (or not). Some of the spec stocks I only have starter positions in. I’m not recommending any of these, but you may want to keep an eye on (watchlist?) them. TR started a thread on Charts for Metals and Stocks 2022 that I hope folks start using and requesting a look. If TR has time, I hope he’ll take a look through the list, and post if he sees something interesting from a chart perspective.
Again, this is mostly just holdings I presently have and NOT recommendations. I do expect a downturn in the markets with many of these stocks hopefully showing appreciable increases during the summer and latter half of the year.

Speculative Stocks
(watchlist – add on opportunity)

Stock P/E Mkt Cap
BKRRF -3.22 48.2M
DOLLF -10.3 44.6M
GPL -5.35 78.9M
IRVRF -14.9 63.2M
IVS.V -13.51 27,2M
LTHHF -23.1 127.4M
MLLOF -5.47 8.0M
NRGOF -3.57 10.9M
SKE -5.23 652M
SLVRF -21 70.7M
ESKYF -17.5 326M
LAB.V -26.5 71.3M
NKOSF -27 56.4M
SSVR.V -9.45 58.9M
SSVRF -9.5 46.4M
RRSSF 44.7 575.4M

Stocks for Accumulation (Value? presently under 200 MA?)

Stock P/E Mkt Cap Div
ATUSF 14.7 587M 1.37%
BTG 8.81 4.0B 4.23%
FSM 11.3 1.1B
FTCO 5.9 151M 4.66%
GOLD 16.7 33B 1.4%%
JAGGF 5.4 240M 5.8%
NEM 23.8 48.1B 3.65%
NSR 34.3 433.5M 1%
RGLD 4.05 6.7B 1.18%
VALE 3.51 66.8B 19.8%

Dividend & Spec?

Stock P/E Mkt Cap Div
FUND 2.89 253M 8.70%
IBM 26.7 124B 4.60%
JBSAY 4.75 14.8B 8.70%
MMP 11.41 10.1B 8.70%
URA 1.26B 5.40%

Wildcards (mostly full positions) long-term holds

Good day people.
This article is not really so much about mining stocks, as it is about what Chile’s future interests are in mining in the near future.
They have a new president, and are working on a new constitution. Both will have a effect on mining in that country. .
It would be wise for anybody invested in that country to do D.D. into that matter.

CORRECTION! Tax Loss season isn’t over yet after all!

I was wrong. Tax loss “season” is over in the US, but not in Canada!

Silver miners lead tax-loss bargain buying as deadline looms

With Canadian investors facing a deadline Wednesday to lock in capital gains or losses for the 2021 taxation year, tax-loss bargain buying is already well underway.
Jameson Berkow
Half of the ten best-performing equities on the Toronto Stock Exchange from Dec. 15 to the start of Wednesday’s trading session are among the year’s worst performers. That suggests investors have, for the most part, finished selling their underperforming holdings in order to offset their capital gains taxes - which typically happens from late November through mid-December - and bargain hunters have moved in to buy the dips.

Link to full article:
(Silver miners lead tax-loss bargain buying as deadline looms - BNN Bloomberg)